traveling light

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about lightness vs heaviness

about the cycle I keep experiencing, shifting back and forth between being heavy and laden down with history, habit and uncertainty, and the surprising lightness of relative clarity, openness, ┬ápossibility and mobility….

the return (of sorts) back again into a thicker more tangled heaviness does not feel nearly as mobile, as filled with possibilities, as open… but my “return” is not back to the same exact place, since I’ve learned things, experienced things, know slightly differently each time, and I bring back new things to consider…

I am learning to witness the return to heavier, more laden times, not with the abject panic that I will be stuck, but with recognition of Oh Here’s Where I am Right Now

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have the power of 100% witness. But I’m gaining!



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