An amazing workshop just finished up– holy wow– Soul Reclamation. Like with so much that I do– I am doing it too– I am not done, I am not finished, I have not “evolved” beyond the work– the work is what helps me keep evolving.  The questions I raise in myself are those I put down and out for workshops, and this one was seriously fabulously intense and growth-inducing for me. I watched my own need to control wrestle with my own need to release, inwardly, outwardly. What a lovely experience of watching a process play itself out on my own home turf, me vs me.

So my official part is over– all prompts delivered.  Now, just needing to create one pdf of all the content for folks who signed up.  But really, this is so not over. There is such depth to this work, of welcoming our parts and pieces, the comfortable ones and the ouchie ones.  The scared ones, the hurt ones, the shamed and ashamed ones…

mmm. Breathing this all in and feeling powerfully wowed by the work I am so honored to witness.

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