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I have never fit in one category of anything. I always felt “other”, and finally, in midlife, I realize that is my strength. I bring all of me to all I do. I love connecting with smart, creative, passionate people. As an intuitive, empathic, introvert with ADD and panic disorder, I get what it’s like to feel stuck or overwhelmed. I excel at helping others (individuals and organizations) navigate around feelings of being stuck so that they can get on to their next great thing… even if that is choosing to stay right where they are.



Journaling Workshops:  I have found journaling, the act of writing without censoring, to be a great help in telling myself truths that my brain would not let me know otherwise. These workshops are ongoing- so reach out if you’re interested. I provide prompts and suggestions, methods and hold space for writing. These workshops are being held online right now!

Everyday Mindfulness Workshops: Likely on hold until Post-Covid, since these are very tactile and experiential. I bring *stuff* to play with so that you can explore what works best for you.


Unsticking Sessions for Individuals, Groups and Organizations   We all get stuck in our ways of thinking. All of us. We circle back to the familiar. This can be totally fine. Or it can be a place of stuckness that needs to shift a bit in order to let us move forward toward our goals.  So– this is a no-judgement zone.

What to expect:  Expect an improvisational idea jam session. There are a ton of questions and ideas. There’s a little intuitive woo, some nuts and bolts, some best practices and a whole lot of experience, active listening, questioning, and curiosity. At the end you’ll still have questions, maybe even more questions!  But you’ll also have gained some clarity, some next steps, and some new ideas…  there is always some surprising magic!

I’m inherently non-linear, out of the box, creative, and collaborative. I generate ideas, have a big imagination, and love helping others bring their dreams to life (this is one of mine!). If this way of working sounds interesting, I’d love to connect with you.

Tech company? I’m there.  Entrepreneur? Check. Creative? Yes please.  Just ask. If we’re a good fit, yay! If not, I’ll be honest if I’m not the right person for the job.

I’m a  big softy, so please reach out. I’m great via email. (Introvert much?  ha ha ha, no really. )

Big love,


PS. If your organization needs some training on working with introverts or neuro-diverse folks, you just let me know.  I am so for that right now.

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