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Public presence strategy for introverts

Oooh, yes, I’m one too:  An introvert who relies on connecting with others for both my sanity and my work. But how to bridge the gap between the desire to be seen and the need to feel safe?

My passion is working with smart, creative, passionate people. I love helping folks get more clear about what they are trying (or deeply longing) to do,  explore how best to bring it into being, and–the hardest part for introverts– figure how to become visible in ways that support their work while remaining in alignment with who they are.

What to expect?  Expect an improvisational idea jam session. There’s a little intuitive woo, some nuts and bolts, some best practices and a whole lot of experience, active listening, questioning, and curiosity. At the end you’ll still have some questions, but you’ll also have gained some clarity, some next steps, and a plan that fits your goals. For some that’s included developing workshops and courses or social media plans, for others it’s included updated websites and graphics, and once even discovering a holistic combination of what felt to be separate offerings….  there is always some surprising magic!

I’m non-linear, out of the box, creative, and collaborative. I generate ideas, have a big imagination, and love helping others bring their dreams to life (this is one of mine!). If this way of working sounds interesting, I’d love to connect with you.

vision   *   voice    *    visibility

Best done in deep dives– a half day intensive in person or via skype/zoom (~4 hours) is $500.  But as an introvert I know it can be tough to be “on” in such an intensive way for so long. So we can break it up if that would work better for you.

A mini session would be an hour or so on skype — $125.

And since I know this is a big commitment, I’m happy to connect for a short chat so we can find out if we’re a good fit. Believe me, it matters to me too. I want us both to be sure we can be comfortably awkward together.

I’m a  big softy, so please reach out. I’m great via email. (Introvert much?  ha ha ha, no really. )

Big love,


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