deciding to take the path unknown

is it bad to confess that I want the unknown to just miraculously expose its gifts to me, expose the path, light the way, beacon with certainty and smells of vanilla and cinnamon, promises of hammocks and long views and lightning bugs and gentle breezes…

it is bad to confess I want to know where I am going, to be able to sink in, relax in knowing it will all be ok, it will turn out alright, that there will be *enough*

it is bad to confess that as a life long wonderer and wanderer, I want to crawl into a lap of knowing, just for a while, take a breather, refill, refresh, rebuild my reserve and resolve?

is it bad to say that here I am, once again, facing taking a path, putting faith in a path that is not even made, it is so unknown, it is only there in my imagination and in the realm of possibility.

is it bad to admit that when I write with false bravado that I Will Find It, I then immediately delete, saying with each backspace, yes, I hope so, softly, gently, yes, I hope so. I hope so.


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2 thoughts on “deciding to take the path unknown

  1. not bad. i am right next to you. i’m tired of the feedback loop. i don’t want to know how the next few months will play out, i just want to know the answer and arrive at the end.

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