Smack dab in the middle of the roar of real life, it is often hard to hear our own voices, tend to our own needs, treat ourselves with the generosity we extend toward others….

There is work to do, as there almost always is… and while there’s work that needs to be done for other people, it is nearly impossible to give myself permission to do the work I need to do for myself.

It is a need, and a want. It is necessary to whatever comes next.  It is necessary to set aside time, hold it sacred, attend, be deliberate, bring my best game, step up, be present and mindful and heart-full…

So tomorrowI have an introductory appointment with an exciting new coaching client: me. I’ll be taking her to lunch, and we’ll be deciding how best to make use of our time these next few weeks. She’ll be filling me in not on backstory but on dreams.  We’ll gather the pieces she’s been collecting and lay them out on the table, and probably start to look at what they say, what dreams they speak of, what truth they hold… my goal is to bring some clarity to what may come next, to begin to sketch out the map for this journey, for this exploration, for this adventure.

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2 thoughts on “permission

  1. Right on; great idea. Try the exercise first without regard for income. Just an exercise remember. Then add in activities that produce $$ immediately or gradually. Any fit? Love, from your own searching Pa

  2. “journey” … “exploration” … “adventure” … it sounds like you have already have some good coaching in your life. 🙂

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