Picturing our demons

I’ve been hearing a recurring message in my wanderings that I want to share with you. It feels *so true*.

It began, for me, a while back via a book called Feeding Your Demons.  It included envisioning your demons– seeing them for their true selves, and asking questions of them (what do you need?). The envisioning part, for me, was very powerful. A sheepish and embarrassed looking hedgehog. A crow. A dragon (think claymation, not Lord of the Rings). By the act of envisioning, I took some of their power. I was able to hear different messages, how they just wanted to help, wanted to keep me safe, wanted me to have stability and minimize risk. Did not want my heart to be broken.  Those messages had been buried under bigger less well defined feelings of fear, uncertainty, and worry.

Then, this week, a similar theme in a video broadcast via Jennifer Lee- of Artizen Coaching. She is holding a video summit for right brain entrepreneurs. Well worth checking out!  One of her guests, Nicole Fende, had a little monster sketched out on a sheet of paper representing a gremlin of hers.  And she said that it took some of the power away from the gremlin to have a cartoon of it, a form, something “out there” (not inside her head).

And today, I listened to my beloved Jen Lee (not the same Jennifer Lee as above) talk about the importance of personifying our critics in her latest video from her Emerging Icons series, and WHOA


Jen’s great, and speaks Truths with great love. I implore you, GO. Listen. And think about what this could mean for you. Meanwhile, I’ll think about what it could mean for me.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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