Finishing what we start– an invitation

I want to invite you all to join me on March 23,24 and 25th for a completely free virtual weekend retreat. Wherever you may be, let’s join psychic forces and share the intention to move one of our projects (or more!) closer to completion.  

Most of us have a backlog of unfinished business.

Most of us have creative projects, not quite abandoned, but left in some intermediate point between the sweet intensity of the beginning of a creative endeavor and the equally sweet but often loaded end.

Some projects may be close to being done but we just have not been able to do that last thing… or we have hesitated to call it “done” so we can move on. Having the project remain open and unfinished is often important to us.

Maybe over the course of the weekend we can finish something, wrap it up, release it…. or maybe we can move one of our projects closer to completion… or maybe the most we can do with the time available is to make an honest assessment about what it will take to bring one of our projects to some sort of closure…

And let’s take advantage of  the moment and the shared experience to expand this to a more general atmosphere of assessment and release: What habits of thought or work habits or avoidance habits are no longer serving us? What can we let go of so we can more forward with a little less weight?

The retreat will open with a virtual campfire friday night the 23rd with a video greeting from me (view it anytime!)– and throughout the weekend I’ll be posting several videos and short entries to support the difficult but rewarding work of finishing and letting go.

The hope is that no matter where you are, no matter what your time zone, or family situation, or amount of energy or time, we can join together with the shared intention of addressing challenges in our creative lives with whatever time we have- 5 minutes, fine! a whole day? magnificent!

Even if you have just a few minutes to join in, stop by here or at that place we go for a little support and community building (please share comments!)– I’ll be trying something new this time and I’ll be cross posting in both locations.

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4 thoughts on “Finishing what we start– an invitation

  1. I’ll be down here in Boston working away…..I won’t finish this weekend but will chip away and hopefully convince myself by the end of this that I have something that WILL be finishable…. 🙂

    1. Hi Suzanne! This one’s for you love. Your wonderful email exchange with me got me thinking! Please come by the main site since there’ll be more there than on Heartwork.

      thanks so much for being here! xo Kate


  2. I have been to the other site but can’t seem to post anything there!! Just know I am there in spirit as the website is working to silence me!!! 🙂

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