In my self-coaching sessions, I came to the peaceful and gentle realization that change does not need to be abrupt, disruptive, fast, or driven by crisis or panic. It does not need to be revolution in the sense of storming the capital or fire bombs or even sit-ins or shut downs. Small changes can accrue, increases in awareness can shift course slightly here, slightly there, and with these subtle shifts, evolution can happen.

It is interesting to uncover my own dichotomies:  my beliefs and expectations for Others vs my beliefs and expectations for Myself. I pride myself on compassionate awareness and fully failed to shine that particular light onto my own path.

So– hear me now: Celebrating this gentle awareness with a feeling of increased openness and possibility.

Revolution is scary, even when “the old” is really dysfunctional. ¬†Evolution feels more adaptive, even when all it is is revolution in slow motion.


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