there is a quiet process of transformation.

first, discomfort. a feeling of being a bit (or maybe more than a bit) lost.

then, dawning realization that there is something more, something undone that needs doing, something unspoken, something that needs to be offered, laid bare.

then fear– what happens if …? what happens when….? who will I be?

then, action. daring to whisper the words. making a small change that moves everything closer to true. honoring each small change as a true revolutionary act.

then relief, really. relief in realignment.

what, then, of this space?

my truth: my work, this work, this is about how we break, and how we mend, and the deep sometimes desperate beauty in all of it.

this is about collecting our pieces, and holding ourselves gently, and tending our hearts and souls.

this is about the sacred journey to our selves,  to a new wholeness.

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