yesterday was a heavy day, a day of sinking, of energy pulling down and in

it was a day where I had a hard time accessing my lightness

my yeses

my connections


I finally lay down for an hour, head buzzing, wishing I could sleep. the heavy also meant cold, and a walk had not shaken me loose.

today I woke up and my shower was short and cool, not long and hot like I dreamed of

but I got out, scrubbed off with a towel

and decided that today, energy will flow through, not out

that today lightness will resonate with lightness

that motion will resonate with motion

and already, I have sat still with my face in the rising sun long enough to feel the warmth

and already, I have danced in the living room

the sun is not yet over the pines and today already feels more alive than yesterday.

The question for me: is there some way I can either knock myself out of the downward pull? or is there some way to embrace it as a necessary part of the cycle of energy?

Today, I invite energy to move in and through, filling up my empty places, enlivening me into clarity and action,

Today, I want to remember all that I know to be true in bringing me back home to my best self:  bounce, paint/draw/scribble, read, write, move, seek light, seek warmth, seek comfort, plan, map, imagine, see

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