moving toward great

Why does it feel so risky to try something new?  Maybe because by adulthood, we have sort of found our groove or grooves, we do what we’ve done.  And maybe we just don’t try too many new things after a while. We’re used to a baseline level of competence maybe. We’re used to knowing.

Parenthood was a reality smackdown for me: I had to embrace feeling incompetent, because I did, and I do, and I will.  And it was (and is) such a great reminder that you can feel incompetent, and in fact, BE incompetent, and do it anyway.  Every day.  All day long.

So– here’s what’s coming:  A free campfire gathering in January, for TRYING NEW THINGS. Or, for spending a day or two or three, really working on something you may currently suck at but want to get better at… (H. Mark? Are you listening?)–

In the same way that drawing with your non dominant hand can be both freeing and frustrating, start to imagine the freedom (and frustration) of allowing yourself to do something that you might not begin by being great at… imagine giving yourself permission to not be great at it at all by the end of your first day, or days… but imagine how fun it might be to try.

Save the dates, January 11-13. The 11th, we’ll virtually gather for an opening campfire.  The 12th and 13th, we’ll do the messy work of trying something(s) new, and allowing ourselves to suck. Because sometimes? The only way to get good at something is to allow ourselves to suck at it. And this time?  We’ll do it knowing that the sucking at it part is simply part of the process. Check back for details or join the mailing list.


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