pocket change

No, not the big transformations that come with a big whooshing kaboom

No, not the kind that shake the foundation, shift the tectonic plates, re-order the landscape, knock us reeling….

No, not the CHANGES that come from the big stuff, the overwhelming stuff, even the overwhelmingly great stuff….

This is about pocket sized change. Little things.  Little opportunities. Opportunities to do something a little differently, just for today.

A choice to stop and breathe and watch the snow fall for a few minutes before beginning the day in earnest.

A realization that maybe change is happening all the time, and no matter how stagnant we may feel, we are evolving, we are.  We change in little ways all the time.  Most of these changes are unconscious.  But change can come in fabulously undramatic ways. It can come from little choices we make, mindful choices, little risks, little adventures, little connections, little differences, little changes in direction, even *temporary* ones.

On this beautiful day, I invite you to recognize some opportunity for little shifts in your routine, even just for today. Take a left, not a right. Order the spiced latte, not the regular one. Listen to a new radio station. Try driving without talking on the phone and notice the beautiful things along your drive (pigeons on the wire? the blue shadows in the snowbank? the houses you can see through the trees?)… or take few breaths and check out your inner landscape, or start the day by saying a sincere and heartfelt thank you to your body for all that it does to carry and nourish you.

Today I’ll be looking for little opportunities to make little shifts in my routine, or my perspective. I have a feeling this will be really fun. I hope you’ll join me.


Don’t forget– Free Campfire Weekend coming up January 11-13! Right here! YAY!

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2 thoughts on “pocket change

  1. I think I’ll drink my coffe black
    Drive to the barn
    Walk up peas hill now as opposed to later
    Go give Shiloh a carrot.
    Call somebody I haven’t spoken to
    Not look for a job!!

  2. Without realizing what I was doing, I read this selection as part of my morning ritual–going through my Emails in a rather mindless way. After a few sentences I said to myself, “Kate would like this. I think I’ll send it to her. Sounds just like her.” Then I began the next to last paragraph referencing the ‘latte’ and the ‘driving while talking on the phone’ and had my first a’ha experience for the day. Thanks for making me more self-aware–less living on “cruise control.” Pa

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