mindful writing, day 5

I run past my edge sometimes, and stumble sometimes, wondering what happened

past the edge of what I can handle

past what I need

past what I want

and not in a I AM DOOMED way, just onto the thinner ice that says with an ominous crack, whoa sister, lie down and ground yourself, wide and low…

so today, I realize, having stumbled beyond my edge, my body aching with the weight of a new viral attacker, that I need to lie down, ground myself, wide and low, in toast and tea and reading. I cannot stuff myself into do do do, go go go production mode, or creation mode, or acute attention mode… it will not work and I will wear myself out trying. ¬†instead, I am taking the cues, however late in the game, to slow down, lie down, stop trying and striving for at least a little while. At least as much as a 3 year old will allow.


may I be well

may I be happy

may I be at peace

may we all be well

may we all be happy

may we all be at peace

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