Less, not more

If you’re like me, there’s a tendency to pack more in.  More things, more activities, more obligations, more things on the to do list, more things stacking up, piling up, more more more more more

More wants, more shoulds…..

A recent near miss with an injury that could have been an INJURY made me realize this: sometimes less is more.

I had plans this week, big plans. Happy plans. Plans to go and do and take part. Plans to travel and meet and learn. My plans now include being at home, sitting more still than I expected, leg up or still, busy with healing not striving.

What if, instead of MORE MORE MORE, we took on the mantle of decluttering our todo lists, and said, what can we do less of today? What can I take off my plate? How can I simplify my plan this week? Today? This next hour?  What quiet can I allow? What silence? What stillness? What space?

I do my best thinking when I have space to do it.









How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Less, not more

    1. me too, Dara. Me too. Sometimes space actually works against me. Sometimes I do my best work under intense time pressure. Hm. Wait. Maybe not my best work, but work instead of no work. Love hearing from you always, Kate


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