longing and fear

In a recent coaching conversation with my amazing coach Lorraine, the TRUTH that longing and fear are intimate bedfellows came up, BLAM, like stepping on a hoe.

This makes sense, of course, out there (imagine hands waving out in front of me), but as in so many situations, it is hard to see how it makes sense in here (thumb at sternum), right here. HERE. With me.

So, first I invite you to reconnect with fear for a moment.  Check out my free fear journaling prompt. 

And then, take a look– is longing hiding under any of that fear?

Or, perhaps better asked, how much longing is hiding under that fear?

What can that longing teach you about what you might deeply deeply want to create for yourself?

What can your fear teach you about how you might be holding yourself back?

Just for a few breaths, check out your own relationship with fear and longing. Remember, you don’t have to do or change anything, you know, unless you want to. 

(baby steps, baby… baby steps).

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