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Evolution is such a funny thing. Sometimes it takes *work* and effort and intention, and sometimes it is as if it is more about momentum.

It is about openness.

It is about saying, ok, I’m ready. Even if you are not quite 100% ready, or want to have a more complete vision, or want to know (somehow) that the outcome will be positive, or something you can handle…

So I’ve said, ok, I’m ready, and then I said it again, and at a different point, I’ve said it again.  And again.  So I guess it is already about re-stating readiness. Yes, I am ready. Often scared, often unknowing, but ready.

Ready enough.


In totally related news, I’ve updated the Retreat page, so please stop by for more information about the luscious upcoming retreat in October.

I’m also very excited to share that I’ve been selected to contribute guest posts to Seek Your Course!

And personally, I’m totally thrilled to be in such great company under the WHOO HOO!!! umbrella designation of “Creative Influencers”.  Hot damn.

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