funny thing

is that time passes whether you are paying attention or not

whether you are mindful or not

whether you are happy or sad, joyful or fitful

life, busy, logistics, and suddenly  the weather shifts, the oppressive humidity lessens and I noticed that the sumac is starting to change color.

so, yes, this. this life. this life of whooshing time. this life of happy and sad. of joyful and fitful. this life of busy and logistics and the sudden shifts in weather, in season…

I am putting this out there, I am putting this *in here*: Intention: Attention. Notice what I am noticing. Notice when I am not. Cut the whooshing down into smaller bits. Smaller chunks of time. Give myself more options to pause, to notice, to connect, to ground, to explore, to create, to choose, to imagine.

The other night, journeying for the first time in over a month, I landed, moccasin footed on a forest floor. The tactile lusciousness of the silence, the cushion of a billion pine needles or untold layers of leaves turned to loam… trees above, roots below. I was just simply There. ┬áLet me be Here the way I was There.

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