Free Online Campfire Gathering, February 8-10

Free Online Campfire, February 8-10

This totally free virtual workshop is about quiet bravery: taking small steps, creating small adventures, allowing ourselves to explore new things.

I invite you to join me here on Heartwork for an opening campfire on Friday night, followed by two days of exploring what it is like to try new things. Try saying no if you always say yes. Trying saying yes if you always say no. Order a latte with whipped cream rather than tea. Try those pastels, try that guitar, that recipe, that new language, that new pose, that trail, that knitting, that writing project, that poem. Try. Try, do poorly, try again, be gentle with yourself.

Allow yourself room to be a beginner again.
(Are you in? Please leave a comment and let me know!)

Where: Right here!
When: Friday February 8th- Sunday February 10th
What: A totally free freeform online gathering supporting your exploration of what it means to be a beginner.
Requirements: Open mind, self compassion, and something to try, something or things to be new at. Come by for suggestions and support.
Opening campfire is Friday night, and I’ll be posting encouragement and ideas 3 times on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.You don’t have to be anywhere at any time.
RSVP: It would be great to know who’s along for the journey. Comment or shoot me an email to RSVP.
And please pass along the invitation on to anyone you think might be interested! These online gatherings are so great– there is *such power in shared intention*.

I hope to see you here!

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