The power of Vulnerability (Brene Brown)

20 minutes long, but so very very worth it. Thanks Lisa for the link!

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2 thoughts on “The power of Vulnerability (Brene Brown)

  1. This is worth seeing to the end. I was particularly affected by her statement that “we pretend that what we do does not have an effect on other people.” It’s so hard to be vulnerable, acknowledge it, and to consider myself “worthy.”

    1. But how cool to imagine that the vulnerability is the very core of what makes us us…. how great to look at it as a core strength rather than failing or weakness. how cool to imagine that by allowing ourselves that vulnerability, that very act opens us up to true connection.

      she needs to follow up with a “so you think you’re not worthy?”  here’s 2 easy steps, takes 3 minutes, fixes it forever ….  wouldn’t that be great. instead I am sure it is an incremental, non monotonic climb, so small sometimes it might not feel like we’re moving. sometimes I think we need to trust those to whom we have had a positive impact– believe that what they say *might* be true.  Consider it. Allow it to be possible.  Maybe that is one increment worth considering!

      Love you so.


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