fighting the good fight

sometimes messages have to repeated a bazillion times, before one day, just because the moon is just the right phase, suddenly, I *hear* it.

My sister was talking to me about fighting the flow of things, and how we spend so much energy fighting fighting fighting and when sometimes, if we zoom back and get a broader view, we realize we have created the fight, or we are fighting for the wrong thing, or the very fact we are fighting the thing is what takes us away from what we know to be true.


Oh yeah. So today, I heard it.


I am fighting to keep certain things the same, but at what cost? What true cost, not perceived cost….

and now, with this new knowing, this different knowing, I am going to open myself up to my fabulous oft-used-for-others-rarely-myself creative problem solving and see what unfolds.


I want to not be fighting so hard, so much of the time. Now I just need to act that way.



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