asking for help

I asked my guide for help with a sheepish expression, and a feeling like defeat

he said, why do you ask me like this?

go out and come back in again, and ask me this time with pride… you are, after all, asking for what you need, and that takes bravery.

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2 thoughts on “asking for help

  1. Asking for help is perhaps the hardest of all the things I do; learning how to let people help me when they want to is the second hardest.

  2. I am getting better at asking for help. Being single and living in a house with all it’s responsibilities and a full time job is lending itself 🙂 But the big stuff, like spirituality, relationships, motivation to move and eat healthy and to stay afloat, those are harder to ask and get help for, but reaching out is a first step and what happens next could completely blow your mind or change your course… And also, put yourself out there, to help facilitate others’ reaching out.

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