wide open, with motion

today is about being wide open

I am traveling today, and there is something so cleansing for me to be in motion like that–I am someone who does not mind driving most of the time

up a hill, along a stream for a while, past fields and forests, through suburbs then grazing the bottom of a town, then up and away toward the ocean, then north back into fields and forests

I love watching how the land changes, love seeing how light catches on rooftops and water… it is a different kind of moving meditation for me.

no expected arrival time, no pressure to be or do or act or produce

just, motion

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2 thoughts on “wide open, with motion

  1. This is beautiful. I’ve been following your words for some time. You are a very talented writer and I find a lot of solace and connection in visiting here.

    I used to live in Montana and I still dream about the open spaces. It is something that I miss terribly. I’m the mother of a three-year-old and thirteen year-old and never have the time or autonomy it seems these days to cut myself free and just move. I should.



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