There is such beauty in transitions, isn’t there? As dusk falls, the wood thrush calls out in my woods, the most beautiful sound I can imagine.

At dawn, the bird sings too, long before the sky brightens enough to see the trees.

But there is also such uncertainty- beginnings, endings, moments of in-between. It is hard to let go, and hard to imagine beginning again. So much has to do with expectations, what we hope for, what we long for, what we need, what we want… and so much has to do with possibility.

We ask ourselves, what is possible? And much of the time, the answer comes from fear- the loud clamoring roar of all that we are scared of.  Not this, not that, can’t, won’t….too risky, don’t do it, Bad Things Will Happen, all will be lost…

Some of the time, if we listen carefully, the answer comes from a different place, our hearts maybe, the place that whispers, “This, this is what is possible, this joy, this happiness, this sense of wholeness- do not settle for anything less”…

It is so hard not knowing- not knowing what it is next, not knowing really, how to get from “here” to “there”….

The other evening I was driving home from work right before sunset, and fog was rising from the farm fields, and the light was golden and glowing. And I felt I could almost breathe it in.

When fear gets really loud, and feels as if it is sapping my energy and making it difficult to see my way through, I will try to remember all that I already do know– starting, most simply, with the things that make me me.  I will try to remember that wood thrush, that golden light, those heart whispers: that joy, that happiness, that sense of wholeness.


Image used with gratitude by permission by Justin Cross

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