taking risks

Sometimes the biggest risks that you can take are not the ones Out There,

jumping from airplanes

walking the wire…

Sometimes the biggest risks come when you say yes to yourself, follow your heart, be true to an inner dream, an inner knowing.

Today is the first day of my workshop.

It’s a big risk filled with whatifs and shoulds and whatabouts… but in the quiet moment as I hit “publish” on the first real post, I realized that what I am doing was exactly what I am supposed to be doing in this moment, scary or not.

How do we know what risks are worth taking?

I asked myself, what is the cost if I do this? What might I lose?

And then I realized that the much more important question was this:

What is the cost if i don’t?

So, what about you? What dreams are you holding?


Vertigo-inducing image used with gratitude and by permission by Justin Cross

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