there and back

Some journeys are about destinations, and others, well, are about the journeying. This past week was all about journeying. Transitions. In betweennesses. It was about jet lag and homesickness, it was about identity and confidence. It was about transforming *this* into *that*, an alchemy I did not think possible.

I am working on a workshop that I have not posted here yet but will, a workshop on identifying and shedding stories that no longer suit us, and stepping into our NOW selves with renewed curiosity and ownership…the soul’s version of a new car smell fresh in our noses. A cautious yes, but a yes. And the excitement to see what unfolds. This week has been about that for me too. Shedding stories, stepping up and in, renewed curiosity and ownership. It was about learning to inhabit myself as fully as possible in spite of/along with situations that had elements that felt uncomfortable.

I met wonderful people, connected, facilitated, collected, and am in the process of distilling. All of this I do naturally and well, and truly enjoy. So what was the speed bump? Self stories I think. The ones that say whoa…. are you sure you can do that? And the surprise of hearing my Self say yes, I think I can.


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