This is a time of such acute heart break and soul-discomfort, I confess, I am really struggling. I am struggling to remember all that I know to be true and beautiful and healing and heart-building.

In mindfully lovingly LOVING, we can shine some light into our own hearts and out into the world. In spite of the darkness, I hope to remember this. I hope to keep remembering this.


Here are some great resources:

Rachel Awes has the most Awes(ome) and beautiful new book that filled my heart all weekend: All I Did Was Listen. It is a wonderful reminder of the wisdom and bravery we carry, even (especially!) when we feel we don’t have any wisdom or courage left. This is a beautiful book. Truly.

And here’s a beautiful post on the buddhist practice of Tonglen by Lori Luz. If we start in our own hearts, maybe only if we start in our own hearts, we can move toward peace.

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