goal busting

I’ve been reading this rather amazing book called Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo. There are about seven thousand useful tidbits tucked in there already and I am only through part 1… but the one I wanted to bring to the surface today is about goals.

Specifically, he brought up how ideas become plans and plans become goals, and then the goals become imperatives, no longer open to the possibility of change or reassessment …

So today, I invite us all to consider this in our own lives– what plans did we once have that might have morphed consciously or unconsciously into goals… goals that we now measure ourselves against or use for navigation, that maybe, maybe, maybe are not really the goals that best support our current and future selves?  Maybe, in fact, they are pulling us off course.

Check out what goals are pulling your compass and whether they really belong to who you’ve become and where you want to head. And as we look to the future, let’s leave a little wiggle room in the form of mindful awareness.  As a plan morphs into a goal… hold it on a kite string, and remember it is up to you to decide whether to reel it in, or let it go.

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