Feeling a bit like I am sorting possibilities and actualities like stones I have collected from dreams and beaches and hillsides…. all are warm and smooth, all have stories that I remember or long for…

My fingers keep hesitating, this one, no, this one…I keep forgetting the remarkable fact that I can change my mind.

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2 thoughts on “sorting

  1. Falling down the Zen rabbit hole: how’s that for blended imagery? I’ve been at a Zen practice for decades and haven’t gotten much better but have remembered much of the teaching and find myself recalling it at almost appropriate times…like now. For example; “the way of perfection is not difficult; only, it does not like choosing.” I’ve tested this at the risk of my life; meditating while driving. What I discovered was that I didn’t think about my driving, but simply made the adjustments necessary while hurdling down the freeway at seventy miles an hour with eyes seeing all, sensitive to cars’ actions, hearing the road and meditating. I discovered I was not choosing anything, simply driving! At first I was alarmed but learned to trust this mind/body state. So, Kate, simply reach for the “like-stones”, feel them, rub them on your cheek, smell them, lick them and, without any thought at all, you’ll put the perfect one in your pocket. Some other time you’ll notice stones in your pocket but that’s a different story

    1. It is funny, this fiction of choosing– you’re right, it is MUCH more about allowing than anything else. Allowing and witnessing the unfolding. xox

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