a few years ago, I wrote on my other blog about a hike I took up the steep path that makes my heart beat so fast I can hear nothing else, up past the old fallen down shack, along the stone wall, the sudden opening at the top to an overlook…up high along the ridge through a forest, up and up and up and when I got back down the mountain, I realized I had not paid attention to one moment. I had been stuck and swirling in my head the whole time.  So I turned around and rehiked the whole hike. Mindfully aware of each footfall, each inhalation, the burning in my legs.

and I felt so grateful.


today is a day I want to rehike. I want to re-enter my morning waking with awareness and gratitude. I want to watch the sky change from gray to bits of blue. I want to notice the air warming, the need for a sweater this morning, changed now to a need to shed.  I want to go back and embrace this day differently.

I cannot go back, but I can go forward, embracing this day differently.  I can look up and out. I can seek out the comfortable places, and stop poking the sore ones.  I can choose something different right now.

So I will.

So I am.

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