practice day

some days I feel as if I have it somewhat together, or feel it is coming more together than apart. I am living (first typed “loving”) from a place of awareness, increased peace, increased congruence.

then there are days like this, when right out of the gate, it became apparent that this was going to be a practice day

practice breathing before speaking

practice seeing beauty

practice calming down

I am running a workshop in a few weeks, and it is always interesting to see what comes up, what challenges, what reminders, that could easily look like “disqualifications”– where do I get off talking about mindfulness? she asks, as she freaks the f*** out over fleas in the common areas, struggles a toddler into a car seat that is too small for the big spirit but not the soft growing body…. feels impatience rise like bile…


no, just practice, just practice, just practice



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