Campfire: Perspective


Starting this morning with a breath.

Snow is sparkling through the air.

Yes, there is so much to do today for so many people. So much shoveling. So much to get ready for the week. For those of you feeling there is too much to do to really delve into this, I have an invitation to extend:

As we look toward today,  there are a lot of opportunities to just shift your perspective slightly. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. Put your pants on, other leg first. Let your brain and body feel what it is like to do something different.

Today may be more about building on yesterday’s surprising Ukelele encounter (I did not see it coming, in my planning mind, I was all about trying new things on the guitar)– now I am curious about learning three chords. Just three. Then maybe see what other room there is for other new things.

For me, these workshops are not often about sustained effort and immersion, but more about a patchwork of stolen moments.

How about you? What do you think you might try today?

See if you can give yourself permission to try a new perspective, even if you don’t have much time to try something new.

I’ll be back with a post at 1:00 ET!

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4 thoughts on “Campfire: Perspective

    1. I’ve no idea what “key” means, but I just learned F maj, C maj, and G. Sounds like we’re on the same wavelength! Need to learn F on the guitar sometime soon. LOVE YOU PA


      1. In my world F = Achilles Heel. I could never get my finger to press hard enough across so many strings. Now I’m thinking a guitar with a smaller neck might do the trick. Are there exercises for index fingers? Guitar pushups?

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