Opening Campfire!


Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!


As you look ahead to tomorrow– if you have some idea (or no idea) of the new or old thing that you might want to try, here are some resources to get you started:

  • Want to try painting? Not prepared with the “right” stuff? go low-tech and use coffee and an old toothbrush and q-tips….
  • Photography? (Borrow a camera? find batteries for yours?)
  • Software package? (Check out for some great courses)
  • Writing or journalling? (Notebook? pen?)
  • Playing a few chords on the banjo? (borrow? rent? make your own? learn to play with youtube!)
  • Cooking or baking?
  • Begin learning sign language? (signing savvy, lifeprint, youtube!)
  • Meditation? (
  • Yoga? (
  • Chess?
  • Being patient?
  • Facing your fear of algebra?  (no really, I mean it!)


I’ll be back with a 8am post tomorrow morning– I’ll be updating 3 times tomorrow and then 3 again on sunday. I’ll be announcing updates on facebook, so feel free to friend me or check out the event.

Can’t wait to see you in the morning and get going on my own projects!  But for now? I hope you’ll just take a moment in this snowy new england evening and enjoy the campfire!


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11 thoughts on “Opening Campfire!

  1. Hey Kate
    Wonderful to connect this evening! What a fabulous weekend to huddle in and “dig deep” so to speak. .. today was an official ‘snow day’ here, schools shut down, no work. Absolutely gorgeous day. A little blustery and cold for photos, perhaps tomorrow. After a ton of shovelling, many mugs of warm tea and finishing off the final pages in my latest read, I was able to get an early start to the Heartwork Campfire. Thinking and jotting some notes . . . I may try to consolidate the many thoughts, experiences and months of follow-up readings surrounding my summer trip/course. If the words fail, then it may be learning my photo software which continues to evade me. Perhaps sharpening the images will offer some clarity in thought.
    Looking forward to hearing from everyone and their prospective journey in the morning.
    Feeling the warmth of campfire, new connections and the spirit of my dear friend. . . .
    Loads of love,
    p.s. I’m dliberately not on fb. . .yet. . .

    1. I’m so happy that you’re “here”!  I’ll imagine sharing a cup of tea with you as we sit by the edge of the fire.  How great to have you along for the journey! xoxox 


  2. Hello you — you may get this twice, or maybe I deleted it the first time. Perhaps I should start out the weekend by learning that I suck at something I thought myself somewhat proficient in — posting comments on blogs. Sheesh. It has been SO LONG, and I think of you SO OFTEN and, of course, follow, follow. I have some ideas for the weekend, a little writing, a little camera work, and tomorrow tapping western big leaf maples for syrup — something that I bet will be easy to not get right the first time, but we’re going to enjoy it and continue stepping forward into this slower, more deliberate, foraged, make your own way of being I’m trying so hard to reach towards.
    We have a “new” fire pit on the back patio, made from a break drum from a bus or something like that. It works great because it blocks the wind and the metal heats up and radiates. Wish you and yours were nearer. xoxo

  3. Sweet Elizabeth, I am so glad you are here too! I wish I could come sit by your firepit, and maybe, just maybe sometime we can make that happen. I love the idea of stepping forward into a slower deliberate way of being. So happy you are here, and YES, wish you were nearer. Wish I were nearer. Heck, I’d meet you in Ohio. xoxo Kate

  4. I am keeping your campfire image up today for inspiration. I plan on mixing paint … a step toward painting again. Sky, clouds, light – Something that once was so easy – now feels like climbing over a wall. Maybe some photos of snow. Thank you Kate for starting the fire.

    1. YAY!  Thank you so much for being here and for BEING BRAVE! Remember, you can try something entirely new with your painting to give yourself room to experiment with where you are now– go for feel rather than literal representation. Paint upside-down, or with your non-dominant hand, or just with your fingers.  Be gentle with your fine and wonderful self, OH I am so so so happy you are here!


      1. I felt like it was a creative fun day. two hours of painting and an hour of writing. It was good to be by your campfire and in your supportive presence Kate. If I knew how I would put a photo of my painting here…. But imagaine the ocean with a big rock on the left side. It was actually a medium size stone I brought home from the beach last summer but its’ shape converted on canvas into a giant rock…….LOL Blessings sweet Kate.

        1. Oh Connie, Do you have a link to a photo of your painting?? I would be proud to post it!  GOOD FOR YOU,  so happy for me to hear you PAINTED.  Seriously, I have happy chills, and just feel so viscerally happy for you. xoxox Kate


  5. Smiled when I saw my old thing on your list – learning ASL. It has meandered for decades between the fore and back of my mind – for what reason I’m not sure since there’s no connection (yet) in my life. Maybe another life? Jumped on the opportunity and learned four words before continuing my day.

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