not knowing

one of the lessons of this lifetime for me is to become comfortable with not knowing.

I like knowing.

I like, at least, thinking that I know or might know soon.

I like taking action toward knowing- collecting, investigating, cogitating, distilling, proposing, assembling, considering….

I like feeling like I know (or might soon know) what is going on, what might happen, what did happen.

Part of my identity is wrapped around this too– as someone who knows some stuff and knows when she doesn’t.

But not knowing? Gently (!) inhabiting the place of not knowing? Where solutions and information are not actively being sought?

A big stretchy stretch of a stretch in an OUCH! My Hamstrings! Sort of ouchy way.

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One thought on “not knowing

  1. My life has been a mostly pleasant “ouch.” As I get older, it gets less enjoyable, and maybe the “not-knowing” is a blessing in disguise. Just sayin’.

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