Mindful writing, day 2

A note on Mindful Writing-

mindfulness, to me, is just the deliberate act of being present with witness and awareness. As a writer, I also love the idea of capturing the presentness with the briefest sketches of what I witness, as a way to focus my attention. I invite you to do the same!

In this moment, happy birthday being sung, fabulously off key, in the other room to a too-far-away grandmother, Ganny Jeanette, a day late.

In this moment, the blue snow of twilight, otherwordly, has darkened into near-black.

In this moment, I am breathing and consciously relaxing my shoulders, work done, not done done, not finished, but done-for-now. I am aware of how hard it is to let go of expectations.

In this moment, I am.


May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free of struggle.

May we all be well. May we all be happy. May we all be free of struggle.

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