hero’s journey: atonement

1. Amends or reparation made for an injury or wrong; expiation.

(via thefreedictionary.com)

This word may lead to obvious things that may pull at the sleeves of our attention: hurt we’ve caused others, or fear we might have…. things that call out loudly or softly for making amends.

But what of the hurt we hold? What of our own insistence that our suffering makes us____ what, stronger? Grow a bigger character? Is somehow deserved?

If we only tend the hurts we cause others, we are only doing half the job.  What if we turn this awareness toward ourselves, offering ourselves the gift of compassion, offering ourselves the possibility of forgiveness, offering ourselves the opportunity to shift into a new spaciousness.

On this surprisingly cool day under a nearly clear sky, I ask this: Are there amends that you owe to You?

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