half past high, half past low

I get a wild energetic rush when an idea starts to coalesce- when serendipity comes along to whisper yes yes, or to open a door I did not even know was there…

I stay up late, head swirling with ideas, an almost unstoppable flow– ideas and ideas and ideas, visions, imaginings, possibilities…


a few days later

the pragmatic demon of all-the-reasons-why-not sticks his/her head back in and bellows, and my energy crashes, my mood contracts, I feel a little wounded or a little poisoned, and a little misled.

Like a crush on an idiot in the moment when the crush reveals itself to be misgiven.

So. Here we are, half past high, half past low.

But I know a secret: seeds were planted, possibilities glimpsed, connections made, visions welcomed, intentions whispered, imaginings imagined and those won’t go quietly. So there, low. Ebb all you want, now I know something I did not know before. I know these wild visions are there, waiting, and I know I can wait you out.


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