creating identity

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There are moments in creating when you suddenly (or perhaps not so suddenly) wonder who you are- as if the person you were is no longer the person you are becoming. It is an in-betweenness, a becoming-ness, an amazing moment so full of potential.

You can ask yourself, what is my truth in this moment? Forget all that I think that I know about who I am and where I am going and what matters and what my skills are and what my passions are and what my self definitions are–

instead, look at what is- right now- and see what your truth is

you may not know, and that’s ok. There is power in not knowing– it is an opening, a questioning, and a freeing place to not be hemmed in by habits of how we see ourselves.

There are often some set of certainties, immutables, but there is often a tremendous amount of space around those for re-definition, re-creation, re-discovery…

And, as I wrote to a dear friend recently, there is such power in re-choosing.


Awesome image by Justin Cross

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One thought on “creating identity

  1. Yes! We are basically shape shifters. Sometimes we wait for a long time to see what that new shape will be, but inevitably it takes us on and we recognize it’s voice as the same soft whisper which has been ever present in our daily lives, the one that urges us silently and sometimes insidiously to change. We feel the unbearable pain of loosing that other self and we suddenly see through new eyes….

    Thanks for the post, Kate!

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