Yes! I know it is only October- blustery, rainy, dark and heavy skied. But November is coming and with it, some of you might be partaking in NaNoWriMo.

While I will be on some sort of sleep deprived and certainly insane  hiatus to take care of a new baby, I wanted to post a prompt a day in November– for those of you writing fiction, non-fiction, and journaling.  Questions, things to think about, image snippets…. the posts will be short, intended to prime the pump or loosen the knots that sometimes hold us back.  Sometimes writing silliness can get us to where we need to go with our “real” work.  (And sometimes? Sometimes the silliness turns out to be the real stuff afterall.)

Painting? Photography? Collage? Come on by– there’s no reason for the prompts to be just for one medium.

I also wanted to invite you — you image makers/creators/capturers– please, let me use your work here. Drop me a comment or an email (icantwhistle  at yahoo dot com)  and I will attribute it to you and link it back to your site, flickr account, wherever you choose.

Please, pass the word.


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