things I am loving today

warm sun on my face, thick sweater, soft scarf, light breeze, insanely blue sky, short walk, swinging on the swing set

a newsletter I got from Hiro Boga (read it online here)– if you do not already know her, if you are a seeker, an energy diviner, a heartcentered business person… run, do not walk to her site.

warm chocolate cake for breakfast with strong tea and a strong desire to reboot my morning into something positive feeling

music to work with (suggestions? bring them! I am so very open– check my last post for my wide open style)

the white christmasy lights that hang haphazardly around my window… from outside it makes my workspace look like a fairy castle

remembering to look around and try to get my head where my feet are as my friend Laura so wisely wrote today in her Life Leadership newsletter.

My friend Sean is posting more often at rock,  paper, monster. LOVELY.  Wish it would come automatically into my inbox. Love his work somewhat passionately.

the wonder that a foggy morning can split open into such a bright sunshiney day. clouds shaped like seahorses.

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3 thoughts on “things I am loving today

  1. Jezebel – Two Hours Traffic
    Wild Ones – Flo Rida (w/Sia)
    One Week of Danger – The VIrgins (from the soundtrack for The Dilemma)
    Ghosts – DIrty Vegas
    Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
    Heaven – I Monster
    Signe – Eric Clapton

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