Thanks to a note from a sweet soul I connected with long ago, I came to realize that I’ve been away from this space for so long it felt abandoned! It felt much shorter, like I would be back any minute. Funny how that happens. Since last I stopped in, I’ve been painting and showing my paintings. I have been both grateful and saddened by the reception of my book about grieving. When it sells I feel so sad that someone needs it. I am writing another that will feel like joy to share, and the writing is happening in fits and starts, slowly slowly slowly.  Mostly though, I have been busy parenting and partnering, and busy too with my consulting work, full up and full throttle for companies in various forms of transition. And now here I am….finally after all this time–  quickly updating while the oven heats up, non metaphorically, and wondering what role I want this space to play.  Yes, I want to run another journaling workshop, and I know a springtime campfire gathering feels right and true.  Maybe I can combine those– offering prompts and space. I’m at the messy stage where it is unclear what will unfold, but –joy– now there is such trust in the unfolding! This is something I have learned. There is chaos for me before order, and then chaos again. But now that I know this is part of my process, I can embrace it. Chaos = progress. Huzzah!



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3 thoughts on “(Re)Evolution

  1. I’m here Kate! Following not lurking; waiting not hustling; coping not thriving. MS is having its way but I believe sunnier days will come again when I’ll write and create. Meanwhile, I should journal. What’s the matter with me? Did I forget?

    I’m glad you’ve reached your heart’s desire. It was right that you enjoy motherhood and building a business. You’ll know the right time to move on, or back, to helping people like me. Take care.

    1. I’m so glad you’re here! and truly, from the perspective of my own heartwork, this is a major part of it– connecting with folks like you!!

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