Pushing past

Sometimes change is scarier than staying on our current path.

So we stay.

Where we are is, after all, known. Familiar. The path we trace as we circle and circle is covered in our own footprints.  We know the territory. We know the shadows. We know it. Even if it is uncomfortable, there is comfort in the knowing.

Moving out of the circling, moving out and on, takes a strange form a bravery. Faith of a sort, and hope, yes, but also a realization that where we are is not working as well as it could, not as well as we want it, or imagine it might.  In fact, our imaginations and hopes need to grow big enough to imagine a different future, a different path, a different outcome… our hopes and imaginations must be big enough to allow us the risk inherent in change.

Some changes are reversible– you can take it back, change your mind, chalk it up to experience…. but sometimes the very act of making a change beget changes.  And maybe the potential for that domino effect, that momentum, that wild unknown is at the heart of why changes can be so scary.

Check out the new tabs folks– there’s one up there for coaching, and one for consulting. These are things I’ve been doing for a long while. But today I’m leaving the comfort of my own well-trodden circle, and am declaring this truth to the wider world.

Exhilarating, scary, exciting. But the time must be right, because mostly, what I hear when I listen to my heart is something like a soul-deep exhalation, something that sounds very much like “Yes”.

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