Sorry for my long quiet but it has been a consuming few weeks.

Some transitions seep, others swamp. Some creep in slowly and others come shake the roof and tear down walls. I’m surfing it. Falling in. Getting back up. Paddling. Trying to find my footing. Failing. Learning.

Instead of romping around in my own chaos, I have been trying to reach out a little, remind myself of resources, of friends and companions, of kindred voices and spirits.


So– to share, a friend’s new blog:

A fabulous course I will be taking as a gift to myself from Magpie Girl, Rachelle Mee-Chapman:

The Art of Noticing
May 1st
$30. 30 days. A lifetime of difference.

Something I covet more than I can say from Jen Lee:

I wanted to write about the importance of companions, and I want to tell you that when I am lost, I often forget the most important things first: that I am stronger than I think, and I do not have to do everything alone.

I forget about my friends and family, I forget about my co-creatives, about creating, about breathing, about stretching, about laughing.

So, right this moment, I am remembering. And in this moment, I invite you to remember too.  You are stronger than you think. You do not have to do everything alone.


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One thought on “Offerings

  1. Kate, I count you as one of my dear friends and am familiar with your silences. I use the “not heard from her lately” as a barometer of your wellbeing. When contact gaps with you become long, my alarm goes off. They cause me concern about my dear friend.
    It’s at that moment that I want to contact you by any means. I’d drive cross-country if I had to. In any case, at those moments, I’m offering my affection and concern as well as I can – just like an excellent waiter offers a plate unnoticed and silently before you for your pleasure.

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