I’m often a head person– not always, not wholly, I am clearly a heart person too (not creating camps, just default and/or trained ways of being in the world)– and sometimes it takes extra effort to get out of my head and into a more holistic experience of being.  I lie in bed, my brain roars, it tramples around in circles of whatifs and whatabouts, and I have to remind myself to breathe deeply, to pay attention, to wiggle my toes and get back in touch with my physical self, this present moment.

And yet, sometimes there are moments when I just *am*. I notice without effort, I soak it in, details reveal themselves. Sometimes it is when I am lying in bed and I realize, in that moment, I am perfectly comfortable. Somehow I am just the right temperature, the blankets are tucked just right, the breeze coming in the window is a perfect thirst quenching coolness, my bladder is not full, and, in the comfort of those moments, I feel nearly weightless, boundaryless, whole.


Amazing tranquil image used with gratitude and by permission of Peter Steele. I love this photo extra since, along with lovely color and composition,  it plays with my brain’s perception of scale–and there is almost nothing I love more than to feel my brain stretch (are those grasses? no! wait! are those birds? so that’s a tree!? so this is bigger than I thought! )

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