Launch party!

My dear friend Kristin Noelle has a new website launching today!  Here’s her blurb:

The site is titled Trust Tending, and has the tagline, “Conversations, reflections, and art to nourish Life beyond fear.” A sketch will accompany each post, and all of the content will explore the concept and nature of trust, and the power that trust has to help us live into the Lives we most want to live. Moving through blocks, making peace with our bodies and emotions, and pursuing dreams will all be topics that I orbit around. The address is

So please go there and support her, she is wonderful, you’ll love her, I promise.  And you may just find that you’ll love yourself just a little bit more too. If one of your resolutions for the new year was to be a little more gentle with yourself, a little more supportive, then please stop by. If you’re feeling brave, let her know you came from here!

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