manyfacesWhat if all of the pieces of you that feel disparate are actually part of a coherent whole right now?

What if this is about perception? Your perception about you? Mine about me?

What if I am my coalescing factor? What if the heart and soul of my work is the same no matter if it is a technical project or an artistic one? Can I shift from anxiously seeking a singularity, to embracing a coherent, multi-faceted identity?



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One thought on “Integration

  1. I am always “one”. it’s a Zen thing and I’m getting it. That is, discovering it more and more. There are no struggles when I stop the chattering monkey, and simply get on with it, life. After 30 years of mediocre meditation, I’ve given up on enlightenment and meditate out of habit and for relaxation. I’ve noticed I have an instantaneous response which I trust as in this case. Of course there are facets to me, like being a dad or crazy or loving, like using two mirrors and seeing the back of my head; But, it’s always me. Hugs Kate, John

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