Inner Fire: Lighting Our Own Path

Announcing a new workshop!

Inner Fire: Lighting Our Own Path


Sunday, December 8th, 10:00-3:00, Soul Yoga Studio, Peterborough, NH

What if we could access our quiet center, and allow ourselves to listen to the whispers of our soul’s desires, and use what we hear to create both a more nourishing present and more fulfilling future?

Come explore with me!

My style is casual, playful and very accessible. My desire, always, is to create a comfortable space, that holds possibility for growth and self-knowing, while focusing on the beauty of and potential of our own imperfections from lives fully lived.

Exercises will include centering and journeying, mindfulness and awareness, brainstorming and heart-tending…

Together we’ll create a safe space for exploration, keeping our focus on empowerment, wholeness, and actively creating more of the lives we want to be living.

The workshop will take place Sunday, December 8th, 10:00-3:00 pm (with a break for lunch-on-your-own) at SOUL Yoga in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

This longer format will allow more time for contemplation, exploration and sharing.

The suggested workshop fee is $20,  but is pay what you can. Truly: if you are called to this workshop and need it to be free, please just come.

This workshop will be best suited for those looking toward the future, feeling as if there is more that is drawing them forward and inward and onward to a fuller expression of themselves.

Bring a journal and a pen, something to sit on (stadium or folding chair that is comfy) and something to sit under (blanket or shawl), and wear comfortable clothes (layers work best).

RSVP please (Facebook message or, and consider bringing a like-minded friend with whom you can imagine sharing this experience.  Likewise, please feel free to pass along this info if you know of someone for whom this would be a great fit.

Parking is limited, so please park down Union Street by Stonehenge if you are mobile, or on the east side of the east entrance (the side of the parking lot away from Nature’s Green Grocer’s door) if you’d like to stay close.

Questions? Please contact me for more info!

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