Waves come in shallow and soft, almost a whisper- I can imagine the water around my feet, the sky and sea one large canvas.

Sometimes stillness isn’t really stillness, it is just a moment between breaths where blood still moves, the earth spins, but there is a quiet.

Life is so filled with motion and noise, so many things to do, to attend to, to worry about.

I invite you to take just 10 seconds– close your eyes (or look at this beautiful image!), wiggle your toes– feel your feet on the ground, feel your connection to the earth, and just breathe.  Breathe just a little deeper than you usually would, just once, in and out– afterall, this is just for 10 seconds.

See if you, like me, find yourself feeling just a little more peaceful. Suddenly aware of the sound of the leaves rustling, or the cat thumping his way across the kitchen floor.  Suddenly you may be aware that you’re tired, or in need of stretching. Or maybe, like me, you may find yourself  in want of just 1o more seconds, just one more deep breath.

Beautiful, peaceful image used with sincere gratitude and by permission from Kelly Langner Sauer.

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