An invitation

An invitation: September 16-18, 2011

When I think of art workshops and retreats, I think of beautiful destinations, great food, time set aside specifically for creating and delving into what it means to be a creative person. I think of companionship, of risk taking, of moving a project or idea back off the shadowy shelves and out into daylight…I think of trying new things, meeting new people, being out of my comfort zone, and finding renewed joy in exercising old or new skills and techniques, or new projects and ideas…

Sometimes these real-life retreats are possible- I pack and go and delve into the experience with a whole (often scared) heart, delighting in having the time and resources to be able to commit to three whole days of creative hootenany. Sometimes, much more often in fact, workshops and retreats, even online workshops, are just not possible. I cannot commit the time, the money, or the energy to make them work.
I’m feeling sad that I am missing Squam this year, even though it was not a simple experience for me, it was very pivotal. And I started to think about what I could create to fill that space for myself this year. I began to imagine time, this weekend, for me to set aside for mindfulness, contemplation, creativity. And then I realized I could invite you to come too!
I panicked: but it is not all polished and perfect and beautiful. It is not packaged, whole, and just barely an idea.
Yes, it is just an idea, a last minute idea, unpolished, imperfect, and beautiful. And I am inviting you to come and share and create this experience with me.

So, I invite you to gather at a new site this weekend, that place we go, supporting each other in a make-our-own weekend creativity workshop. Dust off that project that you’ve set aside (even if it is only in your mind and heart), take that one step toward trying something new, find your brushes, your pen, your imagination, your connection to the wider community of folks who create.
Meet me at that place we go¬†for the opening campfire tonight once night falls. Let’s come together to enjoy a weekend of creative endeavors, good food, great companionship, and the delight in shared experience, even if we are meeting up from all over the globe.
We’ll make it up as we go along– all that is needed is an open heart, curiousity, and a few bits of time. Please join me!

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