Stories: Chapter 4, Resonance

Most of us carry self stories, and most of the stories, I’ve found, are inherently limiting in nature. We rarely have self stories about our expansiveness, our amazing gifts, our flexibility, our resilience, our capacity for wonder, our ability to connect, our immense love, or graciousness… Usually they are about roles, sometimes about capabilities, and often about limits– both hidden and overt.

So– imagine you are having a conversation with a friend or a stranger (or reading a book, or listening to public radio, or watching a documentary, or …..), and suddenly you find yourself energized. Maybe it is the story they are telling, or maybe it is how they are telling their story. Maybe it is because they are opening up something familiar, something you recognize, or maybe it is because their story is revealing a yearning, a longing, or a curiosity that you did not even know you had.

Pay attention to when energy comes like this. No matter what, these are moments of resonance.  They can be keys to learning things about ourselves that go far beyond our familiar self stories.  They can be keys to the world that lies just outside the gate.

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