“In my life I’ve discovered that if I cling
to the notion that something’s not possible,
I’m arguing in favor of limitation.
And if I argue for my limitations,
I get to keep them.”
(Gay Hendricks)

This fabulous quote came in the most recent Life Leadership Now weekly email from


What if, for just a moment, we vote in favor of our limitlessness? What if we flirt with the wide open possibility that maybe, just maybe, things will work out. Perhaps they will work in ways we might never have expected, maybe after years or months of effort, maybe even after the resounding sting of real or perceived failure.

What if we said to ourselves:

In this moment, what is possible?

And then let the answers simply come?


A great recent resource has been the Goals Guide from Tara Sophia Mohr . I encourage you to check it out.



Spectacular image used by permission of Peter Steele.

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One thought on “Limitations

  1. Hi Kate,

    I’ve been reading each of your blogs. Your writing is amazing and touching. When I read about your husband taking his life my heart was sick. I’m so sorry for your loss, (I know it was a long time ago).

    It’s very exciting that you are about to have a baby! My daughter just gave birth on October 8th. I have my first grandchild. He is a miracle and the most handsome little guy.

    Be blessed.


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